Dr. Shafali Yadav is the best Dermatologist in Lucknow who specializes in the treatment of all forms of skin allergies including Hives(urticaria), swelling of face (angioedema), red lines on skin after itching or rubbing (dermographism), and others.

Typically “anything under the sun” can cause allergy. There might be intrinsic factors(factors inside the body- like antibodies, immune mediated etc.) or extrinsic factors(factors outside the body- like pressure, temperature change, cold exposure, sun, medicines, food, perfumes etc) ,which can cause skin allergies.

People who have allergies react to things that wouldn't bother most others. Skin allergies can be short termed or can take a chronic recurring course. Most of the times, they are not very serious, but they can be life threatening in the case of angioedema.

Patient needs to consult their doctor if they see an allergy recurrently occurring or if it seems life threatening. These conditions are not contagious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Skin Allergies?
Typically, “Anything under the Sun can cause allergy.” Skin Allergies can be caused by many things including cosmetics, dust, mites, chemicals, metals, artificial jewelry. Many times, an internal allergy due to food products, medicines manifests on skin in the form of urticaria.
What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction?
Symptoms of a mild allergic reaction can include: itching, burning, hives (itchy red spots on the skin), rarely and blisters. At times it may be accompanied by nasal congestion (known as rhinitis), scratchy throat, watery or itchy eyes, joint pain, fever.
How can you prevent an allergic reaction?
Once you identify your allergy, you can: Avoid exposure to the allergen. Seek medical care if you’re exposed to the allergen. Carry medications to treat anaphylaxis. You may not be able to avoid an allergic reaction completely, but these steps can help you prevent future allergic reactions.
Could my skin reaction be caused by a food allergy?
Yes! Food allergens can cause you to have a skin reaction like hives. There are many possible causes for hives and rashes, so consult with your Dermatologist to determine the cause of your symptoms and the best course of treatment.


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