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Nails are appendages of skin and can be inflicted in many skin diseases. Nail diseases can be an entity in themselves or they can be affected as a part of skin diseases or they can reflect an underlying systemic disease.

Patients may present with wide variety of nail afflictions including fungal infections( onychomycosis), in growing toe nails, blackening of nails, dystrophic nails, pitted nails, spoon shaped nails, discolored nails, white lines, brittle nails etc.

Problems of nail can be either diagnosed by clinical examination or may require nail biopsy. Since nails have low rate of growth, nail problems take time to heal. Dr. Shafali Yadav is trained in dealing with nail problems and offers best possible treatment for the same

Frequently Asked Questions

My nails are brittle. What could it be due to?
Brittle nails can be hereditry or they can be secondary to some kind of medicines.
Is wearing artificial nails safe?
In and of themselves, and when applied properly, acrylic nails are safe. What contributes to the “danger” to clients is repeated exposure to the chemicals on the skin. Most of the chemicals used to create artificial nails are acrylic-based. The danger is when products are applied improperly. Extension products that do not fully cure or harden, whether acrylics or gels, can cause an allergic reaction. Though the fact that long nails can be a hub of infections- should be considered.
Is manicure/pedicure safe for nails?
Manicure / pedicure involves maneuvers, which can lead to removal of natural protective seal of nails, thereby making the nail more prone to recurrent nail infections.
What are reasons for getting fungal nail infection?
Because the toes and feet are often exposed to damp, warm areas, where the infection is spread, fungal nail infections affect the toes more than the fingers. Your feet are also more likely to be exposed to fungal infections if you:
*Spend time at swimming pools
*Walk around a lot in locker rooms
*Wear the same pair of damp, sweaty sneakers all the time
*Injure your toenail


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