Dr. Shafali Yadav is a Consultant Dermatologist with a successful career of more than 17 years.

Drug-induced cutaneous reactions encompass a wide variety of rashes that are caused due to the ingestion of a wide variety of medicines. Not all people taking different medicines get drug reactions. It can neither be foretold as to which person is susceptible to develop drug reactions.

Drug reactions can be in the form of rashes on the body, itching on body, swelling of face, increased susceptibility to sun, blisters on body, ulcers in mouth etc. Treatment involves trying to find out the culprit medicine and ensuing proper treatment to counter the existing signs and symptoms. Some medicines cross react with each other. The patient diagnosed with a certain type of drug allergy is issued a list of other probable medicines which may cross react to cause similar reactions and thereby avoiding such medicines.

Dr. Shafali Yadav is the one of the best Dermatologists in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. In her vast clinical experience, she has successfully treated many such patients successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drug rash?
A drug rash, sometimes called a drug eruption, is a reaction your skin develops to certain drugs. Almost any drug can cause a rash.
What do drug rashes look like?
Rashes can be like urticaria, purplish lesions, swelling of face, blisters, target lesions and many other things. Sometimes, drug reactions can be life threatening.
How to suspect drug reaction?
If you see, appearance of any kind of skin lesions immediately or with in a few days after starting medicines, it might be because of medicine.


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