We all aspire to look good by employing different ways. Since skin is our outer mantle, maintaining skin health is imperative in looking youthful. Before going to the means of keeping your skin YOUNG and HEALTHY, I would like to start with the basics. The layer of skin which is seen from outside is a dead layer. The innermost layer of the skin (which is the viable layer), derives its nutrition from the body. It’s a well-known fact that superficial layers of skin sheds (though imperceptibly) almost on daily basis. That is to say that our skin renews itself constantly. Question here is- HOW CAN WE BEAUTIFY OUR SKIN (which constantly grows from inside) BY APPLYING THINGS FROM OUTSIDE (cosmetics etc.) Obvious answer is- WE CANNOT!!! So, what are the methods which we can adopt to keep our skin healthy and young?


Here are the tips to keep your skin perfectly healthy.

1) Exercise– Exercise is the most important thing that one can inculcate and practice in one’s routine. Not only does it release feel good hormones which maintain the general wellbeing, it also adds luster to your skin. A cardiovascular exercise can be pursued 30mins per day (like running, jogging, Zumba, aerobics).
2) Deep Breathing Exercises– Deep breathing exercises help in proper oxygenation of the body parts and skin. This goes a long way in maintaining skin health.
3) Balanced Diet- Proteins are the building blocks of skin, nails and hair. A diet rich in protein keeps skin, nails and hair healthy and shiny.
4) Moisturizers and Sunscreens- Dry skin tends to crack and gets itchy. These factors make skin prone to skin problems. Skin should be kept well moisturized to prevent these problems. Additionally, it’s very important to wear a SUNSCREEN whenever a person goes out during sun shine hours. Though Sun is a good source of vitamin D, the UV rays also cause aging of the skin. So, for maintenance of healthy skin, sun protection is a must.
5) Adequate Water Intake- For maintaining supple and healthy skin, 3 liters (12 glasses) of water is must. Intake of water should be evenly spaced throughout the day.
6) Adequate Sleep- Sleep is the time when our body rejuvenates and repairs its daily wear and tear. Less sleep means less rejuvenation and resultant tired skin. 8 hours of sound sleep at night is mandatory to avoid dull and tired looking skin, avoid dark circles and patchy pigmentation.
7) Regular oral Supplementation- The food we eat is generally deficient in minerals and vitamins. For this, I recommend regular oral supplementation of an antioxidant, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D and vitamin C.
8) Positive Attitude Towards Life- The general attitude we harbor towards the happenings in life, has a marked effect on our body and skin health. Those people who are always in a hurry or are anxious, are perpetually under stress. Constant stress also precipitates or exacerbates many skin diseases. Stress releases chemicals in our bodies which if sustained in long run, decrease body’s overall wellbeing. It’s important to find ways for EFFECTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT for the wellbeing of skin and body as a whole.

All these things cited above can help you, bring about a beautiful and glowing skin and help you AGE GRACEFULLY.